Room in Roof Insulation

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Reduce the cost of heating your home with FREE Room-In-Roof Insulation (RIRI) – it’s one of the most effective ways to keep heat in and costs low, and it’s also completely free.

Room-In-Roof To keep the heat confined within, insulation boards are installed between the rafters and over the existing plaster boards. These boards are often composed of polyurethane or polystyrene and provide an extra layer of water resistance, preventing rain from seeping in and heat from escaping.

Every surface linked to the exterior is insulated with a layer of insulation. The process is usually completed in two days, so it is really rapid and does not create a lot of clutter.

Our RIRI has a lifespan of over 40 years! These grants are a great opportunity for you to add value to your property.

Why take action today?

FREE Room-In-Roof Insulation (worth up to £2700)

Acts as a shield to stop heat escaping through the roof.

Reduces heating bills by 25%.

Can be covered in plasterboard if required.

Increase the value of your property.

While government grants are available.

Who is eligible?

If you have an existing room in your roof but have yet to install insulation on the inside of the walls and sloping ceilings then RIRI is available to you for free.

You need to receive an ECO3 benefit, click here to see eligible ECO3 benefits.

The property should be located in England, Scotland or Wales.

You must be the Homeowner, Landlord or a Private Tenant. Private Tenants must have their Landlord permission. Landlords must have an eligible ECO3 Tenant living in the property that requires insulation.

Also, Housing Associations can claim insulation grants if their properties are heated by any type of electric heaters and they have eligible ECO3 Tenants.

If you have had your room-in-roof already insulated you may also be eligible for a top up.

Please ensure that you empty your room in roof from all personal belongings prior to the installation.

How much can I save?

According to Npower a Room-In-Roof Insulation can cost anything around £2,700. With ECO3 funding you can have RIRI for free.

In addition, the chart below from Npower shows statistics on average annual energy bills savings according to your house type.

Detached House £225
Semi-detached House £135
Mid-terraced House £120
Bungalow £135

Moreover, with ECO3 you can replace your old, inefficient boiler completely free of charge as well. The average cost of a boiler is around £2,300. Savings that might be achieved with a new A-rated boiler are between £100 and £320 a year on your fuel bills.

Here at The Insulation Group we continuously provide assistance for those who are in need of a free home insulation grant.

If you are having doubts about eligibility we want to help you. We can quickly determine whether you are able to obtain an insulation grant and organise an installation as soon as possible using our accredited installer network.

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