The UK is tackling two issues at once: fighting fuel poverty and cutting carbon emissions. To achieve this, the government has teamed up with British Gas and their big six energy suppliers to create a scheme that helps low-earners afford new boilers via an Energy Company Obligation (ECO). These grants can fully or partially cover costs of gas, oil, and LPG boiler upgrades – making them more efficient while also lowering monthly bills in the long run!

The  ECO is offering grants that can help those who are on benefits pay for a new boiler, electric storage heaters or insulation. To qualify you must receive one of the following: pension credits, income-based job seekers allowance; income support; employment and support allowance related to your income level; working tax credits; child tax credit ; universal credit. Depending on your particular situation you may be eligible for either partial funding from this grant program or full coverage towards these energy improving improvements in home living conditions!

Yes! Looking to keep your home warm this winter while helping the environment? Air source heat pumps are now eligible for RHI grants of up to £12,000. These renewable systems use natural air outside as their energy supply, powering convectors and hot water – perfect for eco-friendly heating! To apply; simply check if you’re in an eligible area and fill out a form online.

No, the Eco4 scheme is not a loan. The Eco4 scheme, also known as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, is a government initiative in the United Kingdom. It requires larger energy suppliers to provide funding for energy efficiency measures in eligible households. These measures include insulation, boiler upgrades, and other energy-saving improvements. The funding for these measures is not provided as a loan but rather as a grant or subsidy to help eligible households improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Therefore, participants in the Eco4 scheme do not have to repay any funds received for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades.

Make your home more energy-efficient and get ready to reap the rewards! With little effort, you’ll be saving money on monthly bills while helping out Mother Nature. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone – plus it doesn’t hurt your wallet either.

Homeowners in the United Kingdom can stay warm during winter thanks to free central heating! This government-funded energy efficiency measure is helping millions of people save money and contribute to a cleaner environment.